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What can I expect from escape room?

This is an interactive team-based puzzle solving game, so come with an open mindset!

Are we really going to be trapped in a room?

Yes, you will be locked in a room for one hour.

Wait, what if I have to go to the bathroom?

Please do so before the game starts. If you really have to go because you chugged that bottle of water, we’re obviously not going to let you wet yourself.

What if I’m not able to escape?

Don’t worry, not many people do! We’ll go over the solution and then send you on your way.

How many people do I need to play?

Stage 5 requires a minimum of 6 players but feel free to bring up to 10. Teamwork is very important in this game so work together!

Can I just play with my friends?

Of course! Stage 5 games are 100% private.

Our company wants to hold a teambuilding event. Can you help?

Trapped! Escape Room™ is all about teamwork, so it makes for a great teambuilding activity. We've had teams from Google, Facebook, Adobe, Cisco, and VMware, to just name a few. Please inquire for more information.

Is this game suitable for young kids?

Since many adults already find it difficult to solve, we recommend that children under 13 have an adult chaperone to maximize enjoyment.

Participants under 18 must bring this waiver form signed by their parent or legal guardian.

Is parking easy to find?

Yes, and it’s free! There is a parking lot behind our building (Central Computer), as well as street parking.

When will you be releasing new Stages?!?

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My friend hasn’t played the game yet and I want to give him a few hints!

Please, please, PLEASE(!) do not spoil the game for others by giving out hints, posting walkthroughs online, etc. If they have questions, send them to this FAQ.

I have this great idea for a game!

Awesome! We want to hear feedback from all our players. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll create a Stage with only clues and puzzles submitted by you guys…

I’d like to join the Kuma team!

We are always looking for part-time Game Hosts to oversee our escape rooms. Please send us an email at inquiry@kumaescape.com if you are interested! Click here for more details.