All games are private. Ticket prices vary depending on the # of players, and are inclusive of all credit card fees.

Tickets are not sold at the door and must be purchased in advance. Once booked, tickets cannot be refunded or rescheduled.

Ticket reservation closes 24hrs prior to the start of the game, so please plan ahead!

Stage 5: social ranking

Welcome to Karm, a society where Karm-A (Km) points determine the level of your social status, and a high level is required to almost anything.

Want to buy that limited edition item? You better have enough Km.
Want to access a particular neighborhood? Show them the Km.
Wait, you want to leave Karm? Hope you have enough Km…

Will you work together to
escape as a team, or accrue just enough Karm-A to escape by yourself?


Opening on Friday June 14th! An escape room where you have the option of escaping by yourself or together with your group!


Stage 1: The Strange Room

A normal room.
With normal furniture.
And normal everyday items.

Except that you and 10 other people are locked in, can't remember how you got there, and can't seem to find the way out...Upon closer inspection, it seems like there is nothing normal about this room.

Strange? Strange indeed.

Welcome to The Strange Room.

---concluded as of march 2019!---

Big thanks to the 1146 teams who played this room and the 148 teams (13%!) who escaped successfully. Team TUBBS had the fastest time of 45min and 34sec, and comprised of two groups that had never met before!

Stage 2: Utopia

A place for hope
A place for
A place for

Concordia... rumors of this utopian society has sprung up recently. Does it really exist?

In an apocalyptic world, you and your friends head in search for a safe and thriving society. You stumble upon Concordia where a welcoming committee greets you with open arms and much needed food. Excited, you and your friends wait to tour this utopia.

But upon inspecting the welcome lounge, you have a gut feeling that something is off...

Is this truly a utopia?

---concluded as of april 2018!---

Big thanks to the 553 teams who played this room and the 34 teams (6%!) who escaped successfully. Team Brothers and Sisters had the fastest time of 44min and 30sec!


Today is your high school senior trip!

You and your friends have been looking forward to this all year, but unfortunately, you are all stuck in detention.

The bus for the airport leaves in an hour; can you escape detention and make it in time?

---concluded as of february 2019!---

Big thanks to the 400 teams who played this room and the 72 teams (18%!) who escaped successfully. Team Frogzilla had the fastest time of 43min and 28sec!